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The following are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center, Los Angeles, California, USA. These marks are licensed for use by the Church of Scientology International and its affiliated organizations and have been registered in many countries in the world. Other applications for registration are pending registration: ABILITY magazine, ADVANCE! magazine, ARC STRAIGHTWIRE, BOOK ONE, CAUSE magazine, CELEBRITY magazine, CLASS IV AUDITOR symbol, CLASS V AUDITOR symbol, CLASS V GRADUATE AUDITOR symbol, CLASS VIII AUDITOR symbol, CLEARING COURSE, CLEARSOUND logo, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL symbol, DIANETICS, DIANETICS symbol, DIANETICS symbol in a circle, DIVISION 6 symbol, CAUSE RESURGENCE RUNDOWN, CAUSE RESURGENCE RUNDOWN symbol, CLEARSOUND, E-METER, EXPANDED GRADE 0 – COMMUNICATIONS RELEASE, EXPANDED GRADE I – PROBLEMS RELEASE, EXPANDED GRADE II – RELIEF RELEASE, EXPANDED GRADE III – FREEDOM RELEASE, EXPANDED GRADE IV – ABILITY RELEASE, FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN, FLAG, FREEDOM magazine, FREEWINDS, FREEWINDS logo, FSO symbol, NEW FSO CORPORATE symbol, FLAG symbol with FLAG, FREEWINDS logo, FSSO symbol, GRADE I: PROBLEMS RELEASE, GRADE II: RELIEF RELEASE, GRADE III: FREEDOM RELEASE, GRADE IV: ABILITY RELEASE, GOLDEN AGE OF KNOWLEDGE logo, GOLDEN ERA PRODUCTIONS, GOLDEN ERA PRODUCTIONS symbol, HAPPINESS RUNDOWN, HUBBARD, IDEAL ORGANIZATIONS logo, I HELP symbol, HAT IN LIFE symbol, INCOMM, INCOMM symbol, KEY TO LIFE, KEY TO LIFE symbol, Ls symbol, L10 RUNDOWN, L11 NEW LIFE RUNDOWN, L12 FLAG OT EXECUTIVE RUNDOWN, LRH, LRH device, LRH microphone, L. RON HUBBARD, L. RON HUBBARD signature, HUBBARD LIFE ORIENTATION, MARK ULTRA VIII, MARK ULTRA VIII symbol, MANOR HOTEL logo, METHOD 1, NED, NEW ERA, NEW ERA DIANETICS, NEW LIFE RUNDOWN, NOTs, OCA, OXFORD CAPACITY ANALYSIS, OT, OT symbol, OT symbol in wreath, POWER, POWER PLUS, POWER pin, PURIFICATION, PURIFICATION PROGRAM, PURIFICATION RUNDOWN, RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, RELEASE PIN, RON signature, RTC corporate symbol, SAINT HILL, SCIENTOLOGIST, SCIENTOLOGY, SCIENTOLOGY cross (pointed), SCIENTOLOGY cross (rounded), SCIENTOLOGY LIFE IMPROVEMENT, SCIENTOLOGY symbol, SCIENTOLOGY TODAY magazine, SCIENTOLOGY MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL logo, SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTER symbol, SCIENTOMETRIC, SEA ORG symbol, SHSBC symbol, SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTER symbol, SOLO AUDITOR, SOLO AUDITOR symbol, SOLO NOTs symbol, SOURCE magazine, STANDARD TECH, STANDARD TECH symbol, STUDENT HAT, SUNSHINE RUNDOWN, SUPER POWER, SUPER POWER symbol, THE AUDITOR magazine, THE BRIDGE. SCIENTOLOGIST is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. The Lead the Way to a Drug-Free USA and Drug-Free Marshals logo are trademarks owned by the Church of Scientology International. APPLIED SCHOLASTICS, NARCONON, ABLE, APPLIED SCHOLASTICS logo, CRIMINON, NARCONON logo and ABLE association logo are trademarks and service marks owned by Association for Better Living and Education, Los Angeles, California, USA and used with permission. THE WAY TO HAPPINESS and the “Road & Sun” design are trademarks and services marks owned by L. Ron Hubbard Library in the USA and in other countries (trademark registrations issued and other registrations pending) and are used with permission. WISE, WISE logo and the LIONESS and CUBS symbol are trademarks and service marks owned by World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International, Los Angeles, California, USA. CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS, CCHR and the CCHR Logo are trademarks and service marks owned by Citizens Commission on Human Rights and are used with permission. The Youth for Human Rights International logo is owned by Youth for Human Rights International and is used with its permission. The United for Human Rights logo is owned by United for Human Rights and is used with its permission. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World logo is owned by this Foundation and is used with permission. Author Services, Inc. is a trademark owned by Author Services, Inc.